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As the name suggests, ensuring your comfort each time you travel is Cocoon Holiday's unique selling point. Intuitively, most people know that they are not just travelling to experience nature's beauty but rather take a break from their normally stressing lives and retreat to a comfortable new environment. However, not many hotels are able to provide what people want. You will get a great room or suite for your family but such arrangements simply fail to provide what most people would refer to as "home away from home". At the Holiday Inn accommodation bexleyheath you needn't worry about a lack of facilities. They provide park stay and go and breakfast packages so you can fill up before your busy day out whatever your plans.

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What to Expect From cocoon holidays

Cocoon Holidays helps you get on with your vacation without feeling like you compromised by providing easy access to neat rental apartments. Note that the company does not own the apartments or rental condos. However, bearing in mind that you are probably travelling to a certain city for the first time, they relieve you from the inconveniences of having to look for accommodation by yourself. The company has done a recommendable job in scouting for great accommodation facilities in Barcelona, Stockholm and Rome. All you need to do while travelling is visit their website, go through the list of apartments and properties which can be rented and book your space beforehand.

Exceptional Services

So what really makes the travel agency exceptional and different from others that offer the same services? For one, you will be relieved from the stress of having to look for accommodation in a city that is new to you. Secondly, there are some things Cocoon Holidays makes sure an apartment has before partnering with them. Below is a list of some of the most important

All apartments have ample space for you, your family and any other companions

You will be provided with clean bedding and towels

All apartments have a fully equipped kitchen

You will be at the convenience of a reliable cleaning service.

All apartments have a broadband connection which can use to continue running your business or connect with those you left back at home.


Though cocoon holidays offer you very comfortable accommodation alternatives to the conventional hotel rooms, you will be surprised to learn that their rates are astonishingly low. If you will opt to reside in one of their basic apartments, the rates are as low as 25 pounds per person each night while they ask for an average 50 pounds per person for their luxurious apartments. From time to time, and especially during the festive season, they offer discounts which implies that you have a chance to pay even less and especially if you will be staying for a longer period of time.

How to Book an Apartment

The emphasis on comfort is further extended to how you book an apartment using the service. It does not take more than five minutes of your time. All you need to do is fill in a form with such basic details like your arrival and departure time, the number of your visitors and your particulars. You will then click on a search button after which a list of all apartments that rhyme with your requirements is generated. After selecting, one that best suits your needs, fill in your credit card details and wait for a confirmation email. Cocoon Holidays is a hassle free way of ensuring that you get the best from your vacation.